Follow passion

I was pretty much obsessed with arab horses since I, as a child watched the legendary movies about the Black Stallion and Alex Ramsey. Enrolled in riding classes by the age of 5 and first time horse owner at 10, I finally became the proud companion of a purebred arab mare at the age of 15. Best childhood memories, without a doubt, was feeling like Alex Ramsey every summer for 6 weeks, riding and swimming with my best friend on the shores of Mandoe Island where my parents had a summerhouse.

By the time I was 24 my former father in law, a succesful business man, gathered his two sons and daughters in law and told us that if anyone of us had a good idea for a startup business, now or later in life, he would like to support it. I immediately raised my hand.

Take chances

Educated as an Art Director, in a position to dream big, I suggested establishing a horse farm. The idea was, to at first provide perfect horse boarding for horse owners, then slowly convert it to our private breeding farm for purebred arab horses.

As a result, we as a family acquired Gudsoegaard in early 2003, including it’s 79 acres of land and spent the next 4 years transforming it into a private horse owner haven. Based on my knowledge about horses and the industry, we and several hired contractors of course, renovated two out of the three property owned houses and the stables which could hold 18 horses. We designed and built an amazing indoor riding court including an outdoor riding court, both equipped with top of the line equestrian surface, established perfect paddocks and a riding trail taking you through private forrest and coastal line.

Learn from the best

Gudsøgård still exists, as a company and as the envisioned haven for horse owners. It is now owned by another family and I am very proud, that my first startup project still lives. I learned valuable lessons in business and got business development under my skin at an early age while I had one of the best businessmen I have ever known to guide me. The older I get, the clearer it is to me, how much I learned and how much the whole experience shaped the way I approach business today.

I would like to pass on such a way of support for creative entrepreneurs. I can do what with know how, empathy

Why is this important for creative entrepreneurs or investors Katja? Slut af med dét.