Myself Inc NY

In 2014 I established my current company Myself Inc, where I as a freelancer work different tasks for different clients.

Over the years I have assisted creative entrepreneurs and investors in developing business strategy, business plans and raising capital. I have worked as executive PA (personal assistant) for several CEO’s, I’ve done public relations, photography, concept development, copywriting, online marketing, speeches at the Southern University of Denmark and project management. Most of my clients work in the creative industry.

As part of a creative startup you can hire me on a large or a small scale in almost every corner of the administration. I work alone or via a wide range of professional freelancers and advisors and can provide a skilled and broad network. I travel for projects far and wide as a digital normal and I have various office outposts in Denmark.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

As a freelancer I assist creative entrepreneurs and investors in developing business strategies, business plans and raising venture capital. I want to contribute to broader and more consistent assistance for fashion startups, focusing on business development and funding.