Heavy Metal

At first it was all about me

I’ve been photographing musicians since I picked up my first camera in 2008 and turned myself into a creative startup. The heavy metal- and rock scene in particular quickly became my main subject, as I had read that if you want to excel as a photographer, one should dive into unknown territory.

Determined to excel fast, wanting to make a living of photography but with almost no experience, I pleaded and insisted on ‘all access’ in return for free photo’s. Enter me spending 5 years photo documenting the ventures of several danish and international bands while recording, promoting and touring.

Then it became all about them

Needless to say, I have seen a lot and even tho I had to pinch my arm, when I found myself eating breakfast in Germany with the legendary King Diamond and Living Doll Sada Vidoo, it’s was the upcoming bands that caught my biggest attention. In retrospect my engagement in those bands truly reflect my passion for creative entreprenurs.

Eventually I ended up doing so much more than photograph while exploring the creative spheres of the artists I met. I became a legit member of several musical families, credited on several music productions and contributed with network, businessplans and self published bandphoto books. I advised in record-deal negotiation and ambassador contracts, booking and management, I prepped bands for private investor meetings,  I even sold merch at concerts.

Fashion forward but metal fan forever

While exploring the music industry, doors opened in the fashion industry and I realized I want to spend as much time that I can assisting creative startup entrepreneurs. A professor at the Southern University of Denmark started a research program in 2012, focusing on the obstacles creative minds experiences businesswise in their startup process, had a designer I worked for as one out of three subjects. Participating in this research program, combined with what I had experienced in business in general up til then, gave me a new work mission in life: I want to contribute to broader and more consistent assistance for fashion startups, focusing on business development and funding.

And while pursuing to do so today, I owe the biggest shout-out to numerous metal heads. They have all been a platform for me, providing an environment where I could grow and learn from experience as a person, a photographer and a business developer.


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Thank you Zina & Palle for understanding why I had to go do that.